Planning for a Photo Shoot

What to bring … what to wear?!! 

Well first off my biggest advice when planning or booking a photo shoot is this… pick a theme!!

So many people I know never have a set plan for their shoots they simply does pick a bunch of random outfits and hope for the best

Which sometimes turns out great but most of the time it’s a whole hot mess….

My advice is just keep it simple. If you’re looking at doing a strong gym shoot then pick solid prints with not a lot of wording and logo all over them this can be too distracting.

If you find a cool location you think would be a perfect shoot I found this location in Langley not too far where I live I love the idea of the umbrellas ! I immediately thought summertime and pick the same colour palette as the umbrellas to go with the outfit


And if you’re going to pick a swim suit don’t forget to get a beautiful spray tan and pack the baby oil to shine up pre shoot 

Nothing looks better and not to mention covers any little flaws like a good spray tan or self tanner. I rarely ever shoot without a spray tan. 

So next time your planning on doing a shoot pick a theme pick the location and match outfits!! Remember to have fun with everything !! 

Looking for inspo or a posing coach? Then hit me up! I would love to help!! You can always use my promo code too MRSCANNON50 for your next order on anything AmiClub wear!!

Big Hugs Heidi