Tips for 2018

Hey Guys !

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Thought I would do a quick little Vlog on little tips I have for anyone wanting to get into a healthy lifestyle 🙂

Rules before you workout 

In order to power through your gut-wrenching, muscle-fiber-tearing workout, you need a premium source of fuel. That’s why it’s  important that you consume a slow to moderate digesting source of carbs . 

Not only will they provide a source of energy, thereby preventing your body from tapping into muscle for energy, but a slower digesting carb will sustain you throughout your entire workout.

This is why it’s not recommended to use mainly high glycemic or fast-digesting carbs as you’ll quickly burn out once their energy source is used up during your workout.

Slow-digesting carbs such as yams, wild rice, beans,red potatoes and fruits all come from mother nature.





Of course, no meal is complete without protein. As the building block of new muscle growth, protein – composed of essential and non-essential amino acids – is vital to maintaining muscle mass!

Obtaining the correct ratio of amino acids is vital to achieving an anabolic state and the best way of achieving this is by consuming complete protein sources such as egg whites, chicken, turkey and Protein shakes.

As a general rule, consume between 20 to 40 grams of protein in preparation for your training session. One scoop of Quattro protein is 30g of protein per scoop.Check out the link below!


Have a great holiday season!!! big  hugs Heidi