This Booty’s going back on stage

On route to WBFF world in Las Vegas Nevada
I’ve been on prep with JJ Barette  for about 5 weeks now prepping for this show. I’m really really excited because I haven’t been on stage, well that’s not true I’ve been on stage dance stages but I have an actually competed since 2015 and I have missed it every year!
Now keep in mind competing isn’t for everybody I know that, and I don’t actually think everybody should do it because it is very demanding sport on your body not to mention if you’re married or have a significant other around you it and be hard on the relationship
It definitely takes a lot of dedication and preparation that goes into one of these shows. This prep so far has been really different for me than my last preps switched over to bikini has before I was doing diva fitness. To be honest I wanted to compete in bikini because I love the toned muscular  look as well as being able to showcase wearing a beautiful gown versus the theme wear . I love theme wear however being a professional dancer I find it very hard not to dance in a costume and just strut in it LOL but that’s just me I wanted to try something different too 😉
So as of right now I’m doing three days a week cardio with one day  they being hit cardio training a total of two hours of cardio a week which is extremely different for me I am a cardio queen!! I love to cycle, run,dance so this is been a big change for me but I’ve actually noticed quite a difference doing this I’m holding muscle a lot more and staying fuller looking .
As of tommrow My last dance recital is tonight I will be stopping pretty much all of their activities until worlds minus belly dance kids on the weekend this is work but I will be focusing just on this especially, I really feel like in the past I’ve done and do a lot of  other sports and hinders on what I’m really trying to focus on.
My supplementation for of the day is as follows
All Magnum of course !
Quattro Protein shake one post workout one before bed
One pack of primer pills every day
2 Carne diem first thing in the morning 2 Carne diem  before bed
3 afterburner before bed
3 Ebrake before bed ( i’m in love with this product and I really feel like this is helped me tremendously!)
1 scoop of Greens am
Pre4 & Opus mixed before my workouts
Big C training days
DNA on training days
I’m off Heat as if the moment just want to really mess LOL I love heat because it gives me energy and focus however we don’t need to cut right now so I’m just going to follow JJs program and maintain what we’re doing
Going forward I practice posing at least 10 to 15 minutes a day this I find is so essential in doing any competition whatsoever you have to know how to hold yourself properly and to pose on stage. Practice makes perfect so I’ll be  glad to nail this one!
My meals of actually been quite wonderful as well! As I’m allotted a ton of protein in my diet and if you’ve been following me on Instagram you’re seeing what I’ve been making and creating know which is tasty and delicious!
Thanks for reading so excited about this also I just purchased a small camera adapter OSMO ,so I’m going to start posting my posing take my YouTube game to the next level 😉
Here’s a cool little recipe I made the other day that is super low in calories high in protein and high in flavor!
5 Cod fillets
1/2 cup Panko breadcrumbs
2 tsp honey
4 Tbs sweet chili sauce
2 limes squeezed
Bake at 350 for 30- 40 minutes until golden brown