The last of Bikini Season

I cannot believe tomorrow is September 1! Where has this summer gone it’s definitely flown by!

Definitely 2020 summer it was one for the books not like any other summer I have ever been through and I’m sure everyone can agree with me.

However it wasn’t all bad so I can’t totally complain! I’ve never ridden my motorcycle so much in my life!! i’ve put on over 7200 km’s on my bike this summer, going from small short rides threw town to interior of British Columbia, it’s been quite a ride.

Definitely they were highlights this summer was our Kelowna trip, so much fun especially spending time with my Best friends. Really what’s a summer without spending time with people that you really love.

Wine tours, beach time, photo shoot’s, and actually really good weather has all been a bonus minus was actually really going on the world.

For fall I definitely have projects coming more photo shoots and finishing my personal training all in store for fall 2020.

My Besty and I have booked a three day getaway next month in the Okanogan annual girls trip which definitely is all about the fashion LOL we pre-plan every single outfit & makeup look that we wear right down to the outfits we drive up and to even the outfits in between outfits ahha

I’ll keep you guys in the loop and where to get the best deal on cute fall outfits for the season!

Definitely check out  ACW is my promo code Mrs. Cannon 50 for all your shopping needs!

Until next time big hugs Heidi