Whats been up this summer during covid …

A covid canadaian summer ….

Summer seems to finally be here! Its taken a while that’s for sure! Its been raining like crazy here in Vancouver but finally it seems like we have some summer! So out comes the bikini’s and summer dresses!

I love my new bikini’s from http://www.amiclubwear.com  So comfortable and great for photoshoots! I recently shot for Fitness Gurls magazine which is going to be out in there August issue 🙂  YAY! There is a lots of positive things to be thankful for! Riding to Tofino BC , staying in  Victoria for a weekend get away , riding the cost of the island all good things to be thankful for this summer!

Since summer has arrived I have been riding  my motorcycle almost any non rain day I can! Hubs and I have been really putting in the seat time and plan to ride up to the interior of BC this coming weekend for a little get away so Ill be packing a few cute outfits and bikinis for the beach!

One aweome thing is my Cannonballs made it into a local meal prep company

http://www.foodiefit.ca  They are carrying all 3 flavors, Yep I have new flavors but im not promoting quite yet until I hear back about this one deal I’ve been wanting them to be sold in 🙂 Soooo you ‘ll have to stay tuned or if your local try Foodie Fit meal plan!!


This summer we will be  staying close around the community and enjoying our province. I think the biggest thing during all of these crazy covid times  is just to keep a positive outlook and do things that make you happy. Riding my motorcycle, working out and getting new clothes makes me very happy hahhaha !!!

As I always say checkout   http://www.amiclubwear.com use my promo code MRSCANNON50 for any cute summer outfits!! You’ll love them