Spring ahead

Spring is sprung
What a May/ June has been incredible! I celebrated my birthday, in May out with my best friend! We got all dolled up and went on a wine tour, we alwasy pre plan our outfits lol
I friggin love my clear yellow heels! Super for the season and who doesn’t like yellow for a bright spring colour!
My cute jean onesie fit perfectly! Total retro Jenny from the block style (I member JLo wearing this same outfit circa 99 lol)
I got the most craziest awesome gift from my husband, a brand new dirt bike LOL what gal dosen’t wanna brand new motorcycle
So shopping fro spring/ summer the trends are :
Animal print is big yet again !
Trends come and go (and come and go), but there are some things that never go out of style. They may be more popular one season than another but, on the whole, they are forever pieces that form the cornerstones of our wardrobes.
And this season, amid all the ideas that will have their five minutes of fame, we saw the return of the leopard-print coat. It’s a piece your mother and grandmother probably wore before you, and yet it still feels relevant. If you buy one now, I bet you’ll be wearing it for years to come (and maybe your child will nick it from you, too).
Mine was tigger lol
Big Billowy ants are a must this spring and why not pair them with a leopard print?
Adorable and comfortable!
Snakes you say? My hubby hates snakes but loves this little dress on me lol
The boots you can’t go wrong with a knee high I’ve never had an  issue with sizing on my boots from Ami ! Seriously gals go wild !!
I have a lot of photoshoots booked this summer and one big world competition so ill be most definitely hitting up http://amiclubwear.com
Until next time oxoxoxox