Spicy mac and cheese burgers! Game Day Cheat meal

I was so inspired to create a healthier  version of this recipe when I was at our local fair this summer and was drooling all over this burger! The PNE has waaaay to many delightfully bad food options to choice from all smothered in butter or chocolate and all doubling your caloric intake for the day lol!  There it was on the side of a food truck the “Macaroni stuffed Burger ” When I saw that I almost fell over HA! I thought to myself I can make this and make it a healthier version. A  few months back I created spicy mac and cheese made with Quattro protein , I thought why not take this recipe and some lean ground beef and create the  “Mrs Cannon’s ” version So BOOM BOOM I did!



Burger pattie mixture 


One package of ground beef

4 Green onions

2 tsp. Everything spice -by Oh My Spice

1 egg

Spicy mac and cheese :

Refer to Mrs Cannon’s baking or Kitchen app for recipe


Blend spices, green onions, and egg and make into four thin patties.

image3       image2

Scoop out Mac and cheese mixture and place in middle of each burger. with remainder of beef mixture cover each pattie. I picked up each pattie and hand packed them into a flat burger shape. Preheat oven to 400 deg. Bake for 12 mins  then flip each burger and bake for another 12 minutes .


Chop up  your favorite burger toppings slide patty on bun or lettce Bun of choice and ENJOY!