So you want to compete????? Part One

So you want to compete… Its a bucket list … You have always wanted to try ….

What ever the reason your reading my blog in hopes of finding out maybe a couple of tips or tricks of the trade or the biggest one, just where do you start?

The first thing I tell anyone wanting to compete is pick your federation you are wanting to compete in. There are many different fitness federations out there finding one that aligns with the look you would like to achieve, the suits you would like to wear and the big one, the posing you’d like to portray.

Where to start ?  How much are you looking at? Time lines?  Here is my take on it part one…..


Decided I was going to take on the task and enter myself in my first fitness competition. Back in 2011 the fitness category was still somewhat popular now if you’re not familiar with what this is this is a category we’re not only do you have to do a posing routine? You also have to come up with a fitness routine where you incorporate cartwheels mandatory fitness holds flips and dance moves.
Why the heck I wanted to do this I don’t know lol I incorporated my belly dance moves into this the amount of little gymnastics. I knew at this point and hired a coach to teach me mandatory fitness poses and holds. My friend that is still a very well-known trainer, here in Vancouver put together my workouts which I would do five days a week plus put me on a competition diet
For three months this was all I focussed on training in the gym, then going and training at a gymnastics facility to create a polish my routine.
This was definitely probably one of the hardest shows looking back. I have done over my years of competing only because the fact when it got to show day being depleted, water, depleted and physically depleted and performing was extremely hard. I have mad respect for the IFBB fitness pros of the world They’re incredible! I ended up placing second and came in top-five in BC Canada not bad for the first year.
There was another show a week after this competition, which I thought I would just enter, because hey, if I’m in shape, I might as well do it, this was WBFF competition. I did not have to do a fitness routine for this show, but I did have to wear a theme where and create a bikini Posing routine. The moment I stepped off stage I knew this is where I wanted to be where I wanted to win my covenant pro card.
 I loved everything about it the bikinis which have insanely evolved over the years when I started to the posing routines again completely changed over the years to the beauty aspect that goes along with the WBFF. After that, I chose the WBFF for my federation where I was going to win my pro card and move up in the ranks, which I am extremely proud that I just won WBFF world bikini title this past summer.

Again, I’m not here to tell you my federation is better even though lol I truly love it. I’m here to share my experience &  the knowledge to help you figure out which style routine you want to achieve.

So the lowdown, depending on the Federation, which there is a lot of different fitness federations out there main ones  WBFF & IFBB  with many others that have branched from these.

And with the different federations comes different luxe of competing with in the federation.

Most federations have these categories below again each federation is gonna be a little bit different. This is just a basic overview.

Bikini – A toned full look with symmetry

Fitness / Figure – Overall muscle tone, body lines balance symmetry

Wellness –  muscle tone with a fuller lower body

In all federations are going to need a Posing suit which is a two piece suit. depending on the federation, the second round of the competition can be an evening gown, or a theme wear think (Victoria’s Secret fashion show.) 

Let’s talk shoes! Again, depending on the federation, some federations only allow clear heels, while other federations are open to any colour and size. I always tell my girls first things first get your stage heals immediately. That way you can practice in what you’re going to be walking in for months prior giving yourself more of a polished look for stage.

What do you need to budget for it all??

From your training to your coaches posing / fitness coach, suit , theme wear gowns, makeup , spray tanning, hair and jewelry this is excluding show entry or travel …
Again  every federation is different in a sense of what suits you’re going to need hair and make up entry fees, if you’re going to use a coach but safely saying from start to finish it’s about $3500-5500k
My number one suggestion always is going to be hire a professional someone that has been through it more than once is a pro in the industry, in federation you want to compete in and can help guide you along your journey, the best way possible
That’s it for part one stay tuned for part two! Hope y”all have a great rest of your day!
Hugs Heidi
WBFF world Bikini Champion and Posing Coach