So Cal So Far

Our yearly trip to our favourite place in the desert Palm Springs
It’s funny because both of us grew up on Vancouver island around ocean but given to choice we’re rather be in the desert.
We set up shop at our Rv park yep we live in an RV for 5 weeks with both cats yikes lol

It’s not like a bubbles Ricky trailer park lol we have 8 pools,tennis courts a great gym and a golf course, so it’s not ghetto in any way lol
Well that and Palm Springs is a base for us that we can do all things that we absolutely love within an hour from us. Dirt biking has always been our shared love and down here it’s endless with amazing motocross tracks with in an hour from us. It’s funny because you grown up watching all these cool tracks of where all the motocross pros would race on and now we’re doing it ourselves it’s pretty unreal to us.
Plus this is the Mecca for golf another hobby that we flipping love. I always tell Trav that when I’m on my 70’s I’ll be a pro and will kick all the other cotton tops on the course hahahha
We were lucky enough to trailer our Harley down this year too and man have we been riding into some cool little towns and roads down here. Our favourite little town was called Idlewild . It looks like a town out of a Christmas movie haha Up in the hills behind Hemet California this town doesn’t have much but definitely doesn’t lack personality!
We celebrated Christmas Eve at Kobe’s this marked our 10th Christmas Eve there! It’s always a cool little show when they cook in front of you and then throw shrimp at you to try and catch ! I always miss ! After that it’s to the Nest for dancing, or should I say me dancing the beards not about it haha
Then Christmas Day was super chill golfed and went to dinner at Spenser’s a really beautiful restaurant down town Palm Springs.
It’s was just us this year my mom unfortunaty has her Afib acted up the day before they were suppose to fly down so she wasn’t able to fly 🙁 first time in years that my folks and us haven’t been together. But it was ment to be a they ended up staying with my aunt and uncle and having a great Christmas. My family is super small and my hubby’s is almost non existent he has no mom and dad and no brothers and sisters. I’m an only child as well so yah it’s small. Small and mighty id say lol
Going out for dinners and lunches have definitely been on the list the Yard house is one of our all time favs omg there are so many beers on tap yes I do enjoy a good IPA’s in my off season lol
New Year’s Eve is right around the corner our anniversary! Heading in the Harley to Wine country in Temecula California can’t wait!
Hiking is endless down here there are so many hikes its unreal!! For our cardio this is something we have been incorporating alot! you can easy do a 2 hour hike with an intense climb, your legs are burning!! For the nights we dont go out Ikid you not we eat this corn wrap almost 4 nights a week lol It costs pennies to make, takes not time at all and is low in cals ! Here’s what ya need
Mrs.C’s Veggie Wraps
  • 1 small green pepper
  •  1/4 Cup of pinto beans
  • 1/2 Cup rice
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 2 Corn tortillas
  • 30 Grams Peperoncini peppers
  • 3 Tbs Cheddar cheese
  • 2 tsb Cumin spice
  1. Cut up peppers and slice tomatoes and place in skillet , add cooked rice and drained pinto beans to mix. Add in Cumin spice and mix together. scoop mix on to corn tortilla (I heat tortillas up in a pan before) Top with shredded cheese and serve up! mmmmm

This is just for two wraps but feel free to double or triple mixture

For two wraps – 352 cals   13.4G Protein  64G Carbs    4.1G Fat

So ya So cal so far has been amazing! As per usual I’m decked out most nights in all I swear you cannot go wrong with any shoes, heels, bathing suits, onesies, dresses seriously I love the site! Plus they won’t break the bank especially if your like me take a photo on an outfit and then wear it maybe one more time or never again? Gosh that bad lol
Anyways all the best in 2020!! I have lots of cool new years goals and plans I hope you have too!!
Hugs Heidi xo