Recap on the last few weeks .. Vegas, Besties weekend,Canadian thanksgiving & Cheddar

What can I say other than what a whirl wind of the last 4 weeks! From September 15- October 15 there has been so much that has gone on. All starting with an amazingly fun unreal time in Las Vegas, where myself and team Magnum hit the strip for the second biggest fitness show of the year,Olympia. In the 5 days that we were there, I did 5 photo shoots and one shoot that took place with the amazing photographer Noel Dagana and my good buddy Holly Barker in old las vegas .. This was definitely a memory to keep forever.


I was also taken back receiving the award  for ” Busiest bee /work horse” from my Magnum family. LOL finally they get me! Any one knows me or follows a portion of my life on line will know I rarely take breaks.  Dont get me wrong  im a happier person when im a busy one and not to forget no dreams ever came true just thinking about them you have to bust your butt in this world if you truly want something to happen.

So sorry back to Vegas .. after the shoots we all worked the Magnum booth on show days, had a killer team dinner at PF Changs (Boss man Markus’ favorite place to eat) Annnd top  that off, we got to stay in one of 3 mansions that were rented for us guys and gals annnd a killer pool  party on the Sunday which lastest untill 12am playing mini golf ..Yup we did


Home on the Monday,back to work on  Tuesday & started my Jazz/Lyrical class again , oh so much fun to be back in dance for the season! Tought my first bellydance workout class on the Wednesday morning which is fun but to be honest just because your a good dancer dosen’t mean your a good teacher, im not sure if I  have it or not yet lol

Fast forward to the Friday and were off again this time to our yearly trip myself and my best gal pal do every year, a wine tour in Naramata Penticition BC.

Probably one of the most favorite weekends of the year for me, where I can be a goof with my best friend and enjoy wine and the beautiful views of lake okanagan.


So again back on the Tuesday,tought my class Wednesday, danced myself & worked till Saturday, bellydanced Friday and Saturday night.YUP!

Then finally on the Sunday picked up our brand new Persian kitten Cheddar. I have been waiting for this little fluff ball since June! Finally we got to take him home. Hes been a hand full but a totally loving little handful.  So all this and now start prepping for thanskgiving dinner which was the following weekend. And dumb me, I ask the entire family and a handful of our friends.

Lucky for me, my momma came over a few days before & got to help me prep a meal for 33 .The dinner was a hit ! I even snuck in Quattro protein into a few dishes and my guest loved it! Check out my Mrs Cannons Kitchen facebook page for the videos on how to make apple pie and sweet potato bake both healthy versions!

So now all the fun is done time to get back into the real swing of things. Being consistent, practicing this every day. Consistent in training, consistent in sticking to healthy meals, consistent in creating new recipes, creating videos and  writing,lol this I find the hardest !!! Im clearly not a good speller, my grammar isn’t the best and I have a hard time converting my words into text …But hey, being consistent and practicing this skill, in time it will get better , Hopefully ! lol

Till next time xo Hugs Heidi