Re-Cap of WBFF Worlds 2019

WBFF Worlds what a show, and what a week! It’s been a week now since I have been home and I cannot believe I was in the Bahamas! So reflecting back on everything this has definitely been a journey! From All the photoshoots to the white party, doing a video with all the Queens of the WBFF ahh so many cool experiences!
I have done three pro shows in one year LOL that has been a lot, and to top it off starting my Cannon Ball protein ball business as well as my Posing business and hosting gigs I am definitely feeling a little fried
I can’t say I would trade it for anything though it is been one incredible year so far! I am feeling totally blessed with all the opportunities that I’ve got to achieve this year it’s unbelievable and I told dream come true for me. I’ve always believed in hard work ethic and persistence this combination pays off and I promise if you’re feeling discouraged push through it will pay off for you.
Next up is Olympia with Team Magnum which is mid September and after that definitely kick off the off-season building phase for next year. I had a long chat with my coach JJ and we decided that I will be just doing WBFF worlds next year which will give me more focus to really be able to focus on my clients and my businesses. Not only that I am 100% focused on bringing the WBFF back to Vancouver so look up folks it’s going to be happening!
While I was in the Bahamas I definitely got to enjoy the sites and beaches & beautiful country The Bahamas has to offer! I got to actually try Bahamian food which was incredible too tasty LOL their signature drink called sky juice wow that was too good, and we spent the day at the iconic Atlantis Hotel where I got to go down a waterslide filled with sharks too cool!
This is a really cool experience for me as well it was just me and my mom which was a total must needed vacation, I have an actually spent quality time with her in a long time and we definitely reconnected.
I felt like a rock star, decked out in all Amiclubwear outfits, I absolutely have 100% faith in their clothing ! The fits and style – Perfect for the Bahamas 🇧🇸 use my promo code gals MrsCannon50
Seriously Best swimwear and dresses out there! All my looks in every photo is ACW And it wont break your bank account!
Thank you everyone again for supporting me throughout my crazy journey I’ll bring on the fall season so I can start baking salt protein packed treats LOL that being said I actually be the most incredible brownies last night which I’m gonna put on my app right now so definitely head to the baking site of my website and app and get yourself this recipe, it is incredible!
Hugs Heidi Cannon