Planning For your Shoot

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Anyone knows me knows I am absolutely obsessed with Valentine’s Day LOL

It’s not just today for your significant other, its a day to appreciate everybody that you love in your life! That’s the way I do it anyways! So I teamed up with Fitness gurls for my latest photo shoot a total Valentine’s Day inspired shoot 

So my biggest tip for anybody wanting to create a photo shoot is what is your theme…

What is your plan and what is your theme? I love when girls come to me and ask for help with photo-shoots, my first two questions is  what are your outfit choices and what are you trying to create? 

If you’re wanting a more fitness in the gym style than I definitely wouldn’t suggest bringing a dress to a  gym shoot or any kind of outfit that doesn’t make sense when being in a gym. 

If you’re wanting a more clean editorial look then choosing outfits that aren’t busy in patterns that are more bold and colorful is always a favorite of mine. 

Again whatever the style of photos you want to create take a look at everything in that photo. For example my fitness gurls photo shoot,I went very Valentine’s Day inspired so I picked colors like reds & whites, loose-fitting men’s shirts, roses, teddy bears everything I could think of that ties in with Valentine’s Day.

Now this wouldn’t make sense for me to necessarily wear a yellow bikini in this shoot but it would if I was wearing a red bikini with A pair of cute red heart shape sunglasses. Again tying everything in with your theme. 

You see what I mean ?! Makes sense right? So next time your planning for a shoot think of what you want to go for you can always shoot me an email I would love to help with your photos and posing! 

As always my outfits were by AmiClubwear even my comfy sweat suit that I rocked on the way to the shoot ! 



They have amazing deals and seriously they don’t disappoint! You can use my promo code MrsCannon50 for your deals! oxoxo