New year, new you lets do this!

Happy new year everyone!!!

I cannot believe it’s 2021! Is so exciting! And so unreal that we are in the new year yet again! Hoping everyone is safe and that we can make 2021 an incredible year we sure need it after last year!

Do you have your plans and goals set for the new year? I find it very helpful the start of each year to write down all my goals with timelines for each goal to help stay on track and focus for the year. 

How fast did the Christmas season come and go ?!! I swear it just flew by!! 

Let’s talk the Christmas season it was definitely different than most but I did get to enjoy it we’re going out for dinner with my lovely husband! This super cute dress and overcoat is what I rocked for a lobster and steak dinner ! 

Christmas morning I was more than comfortable in my cute new fo satin  pajamas and my adorable fuzzy boots 

These boots are actually for outerwear but I absolutely love them for inside the house they’re so comfortable and cozy 

New Year’s eve night was a great Night as well even though everything shut down at 10o’clock in Vancouver we still enjoyed our evening with a live dinner show poolside and obviously ringing in the new year together ! I loved my heels New Year’s night they were so comfy and so cute! 

As many of you know or if you follow my blog and me on social media I have some big news launching in a few weeks ! I have online training programs posing programs everything coming so stay tune! 

Here’s the kicking ass in 2021! Especially with my new lace up boots from ACW ♥️👍🏼💯


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