Mrs.Cannon’s Quarantine Staples

How many days are we into this quarantine for now??? Feels like forever ugh!! But I don’t wanna dampen the the day any more, so I hope this can shed a little light into your next grocery shop.


I wanted to share a few staples that I have on my grocery list that I find super budget Friendly and is still high on the nutritional count! This little picture all added up comes to $105 Canadian but I can guarantee you it can get a few good meals out of it!

  • 1 Cup Oatmeal / 1 scoop Quattro protein powder 1/3 cup apple sauce all mixed up is how I start most days (adding a bit of cinnamon to the mix, an extra yummy taste)
  • Once a week I usually cut up a huge Tupperware container of veggies to snack on at any moment (celery, radishes,mushrooms,carrots,cucumber)
  • Too add to my veggies I typically use half my plain greek yogurt and create a veggie dip out of it by simply using a of my choice to add to it to make a low sodium dip (Pizza flavor is my fav ) big surprise.


  • Wraps are a staple in our house usually adding chicken, turkey or some sort of mixed bean medley to them. Mixed Bean wrap  I will mix a can of lentils and black beans along with around 8 tbsp. of sweet chilli sauce along with  a few cut veggies. Heat it up and roll it in a wrap! Delicious !!!


  • My CannonBalls  a staple snack in the freezer however we are soo low at the moment due to the virus and production on them has completely stopped because of it 🙁 I promise when all this crap is over you’ll see a brand new awesome mixes!So please stay tuned and bare with me! Also still has a few bags to grab!


  • Can tuna,how can you go wrong lol  High in protein and easy! Again add to a wrap or make into a potato tuna salad – 4 cooked potatoes cut up into small pieces, can of tuna drained, 1/3 cup Greek yogurt, 3 tbsp. white wine vinegar(i love white wine vinegar its sooo good to flavor with and no cals and no sodium! Sea salt and pepper and done!

No yolks pasta is a fav of mine since well I was a kid.


My mom would always buy it and now I do too. No saturated fats, no cholesterol and low in carbs. I will usually make a turkey pasta with this – 1 pound ground turkey cooked, sea salt and pepper, 5 tbsp. of “everything spice” by my Oh my spice, 1 can of diced tomatoes, one yellow onion diced, diced up green pepper let simmer for 15 minutes or while noodles are boiling. Scoop out one cup noodles pour turkey mix on top and chow down! So easy!

So there ya go for this week on meals! I hope you try my little list of goodies!! As always you can download my app in the pp store for free and subscribe to it for one time only of $2.99


Chat soon! Be kind and don’t hoard all the toilet paper ! you don’t poop that much !