Holiday Fashion Ideas










I think that’s the understatement when we can all say its been a year LOL I’m just trying to keep positive and keep my head in good faith and keep plugging away! I’m really excited to announce in January my new adventure! So definitely please stay tune because I have big plans for 2021

Definitely been wearing my fair share of onesies and lounge outfits LOL So this new lounge outfit from ACW where is perfect for the season!


I shot for rockstar energy last week which is awesome! And I also got to sneak a couple extra shots in so I picked this cute sweater dress perfect for the holiday season!

Another staple for winter is a good fashion jacket. I love this cute lightweight cover-up,  plus gray goes with just about  everything!


Now let’s talk Heels!! You can never have enough in my opinion! Funny enough, I have over 40 pairs of high heels LOL that collection just keeps getting added too!  So these tiger print are definitely at the top the list ! Again all fashion my AmiClubwear!!!

Stay tuned for more this holiday season!! Don’t forget to use my code MrsCannon50!!

Hugs Heidi Xo