Goals…go get em before 2019

Set your eyes on the prize

No I know everybody this time of year can  puts things aside and says I’ll wait to the new year till I change, make a goal or make some sort of a lifestyle change... why does it have to wait until 2020? why can’t you start now?

Tips for taking on new tasks and setting goals for yourself.

Number one- Write everything down I literally have an old-school notebook that I carry around pretty much with me everywhere I referred to it and note down every day, of what tasks I might have for the next day or goals I want to achieve

Goal Setting -I have a list of big goals and I have a list of daily goals two different things, with two different timelines.

When sending any kind of goal for yourself remember to give yourself a break, if your goal simply is to be active once a day or whatever it may be, I’m a big believer of slow and steady wins the race before going gung ho and saying” I’m gonna do the gym every single day” then you miss a few days and you’re likely to get down on yourself and not follow through.

Set realistic expectations for yourself, if you do more than then its an added bonus! If not then you’re not gonna feel like you’re letting yourself down.

Sometimes I’ll set a goal for myself and realise when I’m just about to get to it, now its not necessarily what I had envisioned for my life, so I’ll change it. Life is ever evolving and so should you.


Don’t let change scare you. It’s easier said than done I know, but if you look at it another way it can be very exciting and you never know where it might take you!

Recently I’ve had a family tragedy where my uncle, who is like another father to me, had a massive heart attack. For years I had told my uncle that he needed to exercise and start living a healthier lifestyle by choosing better foods to fuel his body with.

Unfortunately his lifestyle caught up with him but by the grace of God he has pulled through and does not need open-heart surgery, I am so happy to report he has actually changed his ways and him and my aunt have now gotten on a very healthy eating program ! He phoned me the other day to say that he’s starting the gym, he’s lost 18 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks I couldn’t be more proud of him and my aunt for changing their lifestyle that they had become so accustomed to.

So even though this was somewhat of a forced change its made him stronger , stronger as a couple and its made them see they are capable of change!  I believe sometimes we are put through tests in life that might not be the greatest at first, but they can definitely make us stronger and a little wiser in the end.

So start thinking about your goals and what changes you wanna make now don’t wait for 2020 to hit .....

Go get it! #BoomfreakingBoom