Get out of your rut and eat a tortilla

So your probably wondering what the heck is this about ? Well I have a method to my madness I promise lol!! Here goes ….

As of right now my husband and I are living in California, were doing what we love which is being active, mostly dirt biking going to the gym, playing golf , cycling and enjoying the California weather. Well the last few days the California weather hasn’t been the most epic. It rained for a good 3 days which in Vancouver Canada this is nothing for our streets, parks and motocross tracks, they can handle it no problem .. well not here they flood everywhere !!! This being especially bad for all our motocross tracks where we ride our dirt bikes on. If your not a rider your thinking , why there dirt bikes? Well when you ride “tracks” its sucks!You cant jump there are massive “ruts” everywhere its a mess. A rut is a groove in the soild from dirt bike tires going over it repeatedly. They can become massively deep and if your not experienced its brutally tuff to get threw.

This is what got me really  thinking about the last few rides. I hated ruts before this trip, I would approached them slowly , usually get caught in them causing me either to get side ways or fall into it. Each time I would come back around to the rut section get super nervous and do the same thing … slowly go though get side ways or fall.


No more I thought to myself, I can do this. My hubby is an ex Pro racer, he taught me to stand up, look ahead don’t look down focus on where you want to go and get on the gas.Use the rut to corner or keep your speed up. So I finally put this into play, I started  standing up, I looked ahead and  looked where I wanted to go. I was no longer focusing on the rut I was focusing on the path ahead.

I had done it I had started to get the hang of it, finally ! Using the ruts to corner to get the momentum and to keep up my speed. Sure sometimes I would come back around to the same spot on the track and get caught in it again but I knew how to get out of it faster and I knew that the next time around what I can improve on and do better.

So thus dirt biking is like life in a lot of ways. Ruts can really suck its sometimes hard to  figure how to get out , how to create a new path, but it is doable ,you can do it. What ever area in your life you may feel like you have a “rut” in there is always a  way out. Look ahead ,surround yourself with good supportive people and remember you might fall again but you know how you can get up. Make a change don’t keep doing the same thing and expect the same results. Change it up buttercup!

LOL ok so the last bit of this blog is the taco/ wrap part lol

I have been making these amazingly little dinner meals almost 3 nights a week !(Yes without an oven lol I have no oven where im staying! omg don’t get me started on that one!) The good part they are so easy to make super healthy and low in carbs! Yup!!!

Heres what you need

1 Cup brown rice

1 Cup Black Beans

1/3 Cup Corn

1/3 Cup Cilantro

2 Chicken breasts

2 tbsp. Chill powder

2tbsp. Coriander spice

1tbsp. Cinnamon

1/2 Cup Mozzarella

  4 Corn tortillas ( Guerrero) is the brand I  use


Cut chicken breast into small 1 inch pieces and cook in large skillet  until golden brown. Take one cup of cooked rice, black beans and corn and mix with chicken. Add in all spices and cilantro, let simmer for 5 minutes. In separate flying pan, pre spray for corn tortillas. I like to get them lightly brown on both sides this should only take a minute or so. Lay out corn tortilla on plate add chicken mixture and top with shredded mozzarella. ENJOY !!!

This entire dish contains

Cals- 1229  Carbs-136  fat- 26  Protein -108