First night out since Covid

Day 73 in quarantine… Well things have finally starting to lighten up here as of last week. Some restaurants have opened here in Vancouver with limited seating as well as some gyms are opening up and life seems to be slowly but surely getting back to normal.

This sparked a huge interest in my going out for dinner attire LOL

My Bestie and I got to enjoy a night out last Sunday! First time out since March 7! Man did it feel amazing!!!

I wore my two piece white suit with my new rhinestone studded heels pointed toe which are very in style for summer !

We got to share nachos, I ordered a veggie burger and fries, a bottle of wine and enjoy some people watching lol PERFECTO

It’s amazing the small things in life that make you happy when you really took for granted them before.
I’m not officially back to work as a medical aesthetician as of yet, however I have been going in and helping out with customer deliveries for their skin care products. This gives me the opportunity in which I dress up each day I get to go in for.
I absolutely love my brand new leopard print one piece! Fits beautifully and is so light and comfortable and easy to wear. Bonus Leopard print you can never go wrong with!
As I mentioned in my last blog definitely the 70s are making come back and stripes are in! Don’t overdo it though pick top or bottom but not both in my opinion.
I’ve had the bonus of still being able to train some clients for virtual WBFF fitness shows which has been so nice to keep! Helping motivate others always helps me keep on track myself. I’m back training with my coach Jean Jacques in which I will achieve my ultimate summer body for stage or just summer time depending on how Covid goes.
I also picked up this really cute lightweight olive green dress for spring. A good stable for nights on the patio!
So here’s to many more hopeful nights of enjoying times with friends and dressing up 🙂
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