What’s been up in fall

Falling into fall

Well This is absolutely my favorite time of year! When the leaves start to change the air gets crisp any yet to wear super cute clothes everywhere

My bestie and I always start off our fall with an annual wine tour In the Okanogan it is definitely our favorite little getaway for fall.

We pre-plan our outfits where we’re going to eat where we’re going to go and just have the best time ever! I feel like every girl needs some good girl time

As always Amiclubwear got me perfectly dressed for the occasion! From my cute new heels in this pink and black outfit to my super comfy off the shoulder gray dress love all our outfits !

Just after I got back I did a photo shoot for my product cannonballs at this cool local 50″s diner. My Cannonballs launched in Save on foods for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!!
I’m pretty excited for the opportunity to have them in save on foods it’s a real honour . My Cannonballs are Now listed in any save on foods across the country, any Save one that wants to carry them, can!
Which is so unreal for me!
So hopefully people start asking for them in their save on foods grocery stores
Also just last week I filmed a commercial for BD diesel company
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4OCgeY48ps I work with regularly here in Vancouver I absolutely love them and I love anything that takes me from 0 to 100 and all their motorsports definitely do LOL

I used my new costumes from Amiclub wear my “Heidi yodeller costume “ LOL and my Jessica rabbit which was a huge hit ! Again if you’re looking for costumes hit up the site!

As for everything else just taking it one day at a time here with the fall and winter coming obviously with Covid going on it’s definitely put a little wrench into things. Our numbers here in Canada are creeping up again and large parties/groups are shutting down again too. Hoping we can get a handle on everything soon and we can look forward to a bright 2021 I know like many I need things to look forward to to keep me healthy and motivated.

My motivation is finishing my personal training and launching my online program with my online sales of a Cannonballs.

So cheers everyone stay positive stay healthy and remember we’re all in this together!