Eat Drink and be Merry

Its here, Christmas! Its is just around the corner and this means for most people eat drink and be merry! Now don’t get me wrong I’m not writing this blog and saying Im not going to do the same… That  Im going to eat clean and not indulge at all that would be a big fat lie!  However I have a plan 🙂   As I write this I’m currently vacationing in Palm Springs California, a yearly tradition for my hubby and family . Now vacations and Christmas are some what the same for most , in this I mean that lots of people over eat,over drink and stop there exercise programs all together. STOP! Why do we do this? We know it doesn’t feel good after a day of drinking or eating the entire tray of cookies and don’t even get me started on not going to the gym or sticking to an exercise program..

So heres a little tip from me to you on how to enjoy yourself and not over due it! Its called keep your program going ! Keep your workouts through out the holiday season. Like I said Im on vacation, now for me vacation time means doing what I love, working out,cycling dirt biking, running anything I can do to make my body move. I love vacation because it means I can get in every workout or exercise I can do. So this begs the question if your like me and you love to move your body, why not keep this up through the holidays ? Yes I know that its a busy time of year and dinner and family’s are thrown into the mix but there are still 24 hours in a day, meaning you do have time to squeeze in a workout. I can grantee you that I’ll be training on Christmas day at some point in the day, why because I love it and I’ll know hey I can enjoy my shot or 3 of Sake with my dad (Yes this is our tradition)

Here are more tips for you

  • Drink heeps of water (bring a water bottle with you everywhere  you go)
  • If your going to have desert then lighten up on dinner (don’t not eat! I mean watch your portions , don’t go back for seconds lol)
  • Mimic!  Mimic is Magnums secret carb weapon, this is seriously amazing supplement that helps shuttle carbs into your muscles and not into belly fat
  • Load up on the veggies, have most of your plate full of veggies not mash potatoes
  • Don’t be hard on your self if you do over indulge more than you want then a lot for your indulges at the gym the next day.

If your looking for a perfectly indulgent treat to bring to your holiday party checkout my latest recipes! The lint cupcakes are my fav!!! omg they are so good!

So yes eat drink and be merry! Just know when to say no more please and get your butt to the gym you’ll thank You later for it!