Dressed to Impress -The Recap of WBFF LA Pro Show

Dress to impress.. WBFF Recap
Well it’s almost been three weeks post show and what an experience! I’m still coming down from the high was an incredible win and achievement
If anyone has been following me you’ve known that I have been competing for over seven years. Seven is a lucky number in our household we got married after being together for seven years and renewing your valves after being married for seven years seven is definitely a lucky number and now I can say I’m a queen after lucky seven years! Was the best day  next to my wedding lol!!! I’m so proud to rock my crown
So being with a WBFF ProAm to finally have to dress to impress! Which is not hard for me LOL I absolutely love this part new outfits on my bling beautiful dresses and outfits I’m all about it!
Red is my favourite colour EVER!!!!
My red fitted dress with two highest slits worked out perfectly for the athletes meeting 🙂 lightweight comfortable and super sexy loved it!!
Before the show I got to do a couple photo shoots which my outfits  for them turned out beautifully! I love this new white bikini, Super flattering, lightweight ribbed material that gives it a different textured look in photos.
Took a little behind the scenes video in my high wasted yellow bikini with a sheer top, I love this style of bikini. Spring summer trends are BRIGH , neons so this is totally perfect!!
 Click the link below for behind the scenes in my yellow bikini 🙂
Floral’s are always big for spring so I thought these floral knee-high boots were just the perfect thing to go with this cute body suit!
One thing that I have no fail with when ordering on Ami Club wear is sizing every should’ve ever ordered fits exactly the size of my size 7 1/2 foot
When in Long beach California i wore this cute two piece black fitted high wasted combo out on the town. I flipping love two piece matching outfits an easy way of looking out together in no time!
So if you need bathing suit’s or photo shoot options I would definitely recommend hitting up up  http://www.amiclubwear.com
You will definitely find something that will fit the look you’re going for! Don’t forget to use my promo code Mrs. Cannon 50 and save yourself some money!!
Can’t wait for more spring outfits and dresses this season and  to see what’s next in life for me !!
Click the link to watch a clip from the stage 🙂