Did it baby!!! WBFF World Champion

What experience! I made a little short YouTube I didn’t wanna ramble on too much but I will on here a little bit lol !!
This was such a world win of an experience I’m still digesting everything. And I’m definitely having Post show blues I really wish I could do it all over again
The week was absolutely incredible I mean I’m not even exaggerating whatsoever this is the first time in my competing history that I actually felt prepared, I wasn’t stressing about my physique, and I had the right mindset.
From the moment we got there on the Tuesday we checked into our beautiful room hung out by the pool for a little bit got time to have a nice workout and even went and had dinner, while I didn’t my husband and I watched him eat at Gordon Ramsay‘s Burger bar
In yours past I would arrive on the Wednesday feel super rushed not be able to get a workout in head to hair and make up and then to registration I would highly recommend anybody that is competing at worlds next year to fly down a day early it makes it so much less stressful.
Wednesdays hair and make up registration went amazing! I was completely honored and blown away with the kind words Paul and Allison Dillett spoke about myself and six other members of WBFF athletes who stand out to them as ambassadors for the brand.
On Thursday woke up had another good workout then straight to hear and make up followed by the black and gold event. The dresses for this were absolutely incredible everyone I can tell you is dressed to the absolute max!! Later that day I shot with Harry from LAHGFX and Also I shoot with Toby Harrison at the cosmopolitan. My parents arrive yet later and got to hang out with them Friday was another great day just a chill day we ended up going to see Blue Man Group hanging out with my family.
My parents have come to almost every show I’ve been in which is pretty special and even more special for them to be there when I won the world title.
Show day was awesome I felt chill and absolutely prepared I have to give a huge shout out to my coaches JJ Barrett and Michelle MacDonald who are absolutely incredible and have taught me so much about nutrition and confidence in myself I’m truly grateful!
My suit was made by Renata and my God it was absolutely beautiful I am so grateful to have worn that I felt like $1 million bucks in it!
Morning show went quickly and smoothly even had amid day nap in between events lol
Saturday evening was the greatest first round coming and a suit I could hear my friends and family screaming at the top of their lungs LOL I just felt “on” last year it was an incredibly terrible experience I felt on stage I felt super unprepared and unready I had not dance professionally for over a year because of Covid so I didn’t get any stage time practice before. I feel like with going forward telling my Posing girls this is so key and so helpful to be able to be on a stage or take a dance class just to get that extra bit a stage experience.
When I had stage this Saturday evening I just felt like I was at work again belly dancing LOL something that I do back home every weekend I perform. I just felt like my mindset was there my physique was there and I just felt like I knew I had it. My hard work my endless hours in the treadmill the elliptical, lifting weights everything was paying off.
Anyone reading this anything is possible but remember nothing comes without sacrifice nothing comes without hard work.
Like anything you have to put in the effort and the time. I tell this to all my Posing girls and my cousin and I‘s online training clients you have to put in the work.
This next year I want to build my Posing empire Bang on stage Posing and help women around the globe to stay fit and healthy with my online training program FitIn6
Thank you guys for all your love and support!
Feel free to reach out anytime!
Hugs Heidi
Oh and hubby got a giant tattoo of my face on his leg … he said it’s all about you babe lol wow if that’s not love I got zip lo