Cute looks for Quarantine…

Cute from Quarantine…


Just trying to make the most of what’s going on… I know for everyone right now its a very weird time in the world. A very unsettling time that unfortunately we don’t quite know how the actual out come will be, just keep praying that this will all end sooner than later!  Lets do our part and stay  at home and flaten the curve on this!! A huge massive thank you to all the health care worker out there!! My biggest hugs to you!!!

I  am house bound as most people are right now. Unfortunately not working my day job as a medical esthetician  shut down, my CannonBalls have not been in production (I’ll write another blog on this soon explaining why) And all fitness show that I had posing clients for are currently up in the air or cancelled due to the state of everything. So for the next while I can focus on my baking/ healthy recipes, my blog, updating my site  and everything else that I have been putting off lol! So I guess that’s a good thing right?!!



When we able to get back to life and go out to restaurants or a night out I know i’ll what i’ll be wearing ! Lets talk about the trends for Spring/Summer 2020

I have read and watched so many fashion blogs and makeup videos and the look for 2020 is the look of an episode of That ’70s Show,” Yep from flared pants , to white eye liner to the good old cardigan sweater, all things 70’s are back yet again!


I made my dad send a few cool old shots of my mom back in the day early modelling skills and outfits. Funny I wish she would have just kept all her clothes cause man they are high fashion now ! Lol! Let this be a lesson to you if you have kids keep your clothes!!

Boyfriend jackets are super popular and super cute this season. A easy outfit to piece together too! Again bigger the flare the better! Skinny light colour jeans are a thing of the past however the dark skinny denim is still a go.



You can’t participate in the ’70s trend without at least a little something suede.  Fringe jackets made their triumphant return to the ready-to-wear scene.

Floral patterns, dresses with open neck lines and fresh face makeup is super on trend. Slip dresses are nothing new, and by now you probably own at least three in various colors, but this spring, they are big in the fashion world.

Just a few of my observations for this spring fashion trends. However to me fashion is what ever you feel like a rock-star in no matter what trend its on or not on!

Take care of yourself’s  chat soon – Heidi xoxox