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Planning for a Photo Shoot

What to bring … what to wear?!! 

Well first off my biggest advice when planning or booking a photo shoot is this… pick a theme!!

So many people I know never have a set plan for their shoots they simply does pick a bunch of random outfits and hope for the best

Which sometimes turns out great but most of the time it’s a whole hot mess….

Hello Summer

Hello summer! 

What a summer it’s been so far! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and the sunshine! Aside from having an insane heat wave here in Vancouver BC it’s been an amazing June and July so far! I was able to head out with my cousin on a little getaway to the interior where we got to wakeboard and I tried my best at wake surfing LOL

Also got to shoot for an eyewear sunglass company on a yacht downtown Vancouver in my beautiful yellow dress from Ami clubwear!

This was so fun!

My cousin and I have launched our Fit In 6 online transformation program and it’s been super successful! We have our latest program coming out August 23 Heidi‘s hitt which is a high intensity training program I can’t wait!! 

And to top everything off I’ve been prepping like a mad woman for a WBFF Worlds which is in Las Vegas going for that world crown! God willing that Will be able to travel and everything will be fine it is a concern that is for sure but I’ve been prepping and working out like crazy!!

So that’s really what’s up this summer nothing too crazy working out lots and enjoying the sun I’m ordering up some more bathing suits as we speak right now from Ami club wear ! I flipping love their stuff especially the bathing suits !!

Plan on sticking beside a pool , heading out for dinner with friends (grilled veggies and chicken) lol In my new dresses from ACW I absolutely love this blue fitted dress so comfortable!

I’ll have you all updated next month once my show hits hope you guys have a great rest of your July!!!  Hugs Heidi 

Don’t forget to use my promo code Mrscannon50 on all your orders! 

What’s been going on this spring

Welcome to spring! What a spring it’s been so far! Definitely has been a great one for me! And busy which is so nice compared of this time last year! My cousin and I launched our Fit In 6 Online training program we’re a month in and things are going fabulous!
We have girls that are transforming daily! It’s so freaking amazing to see! On top of that I’ve been shooting lots, creating new content and shooting for different companies going on the weekend was extra fun shooting for a sunglass company on a yacht in downtown Vancouver no complaints.
Got to go to Kelowna BC celebrate my birthday and jump out of a plane talk about epic and shoot with the incredible female photographer elite photography !
I will say I was decked out in all my AmiClub wear no complaints there! Sure looking forward to seeing all the new summer outfits and bathing suits literally I am a huge fan of all of their swimwear !!!
It’s go time 12 weeks ahead of hard dieting and training to the max ! WBFF  Las Vegas worlds o can’t wait! Stay tune for more outfits and fun in the sun !
I will say I was decked out in all my AmiClub wear no complaints there! Sure looking forward to seeing all the new summer outfits and bathing suits literally I am a huge fan of all of their swimwear !!!
It’s go time 12 weeks ahead of hard dieting and training to the max ! WBFF  Las Vegas worlds o can’t wait! Stay tune for more outfits and fun in the sun !

Working from home lounge wear

Spring has sprung.. well almost! I cannot believe it’s mid March where has the year gone already! It’s definitely been a busy one over here from getting my fitness program going to video shoots and promoting my product line Cannonballs i’ve been working in my little office a lot !!!!


Loungewear and pajamas I’ve definitely what I’ve been living in .
I haven’t been going to many places just been working my little tail off so this is what I’ve been pretty much wearing 24/7  and my pajamas of course which some days I tend not to even get out of LOL
I love this gray sports suit with zip up super comfy and really good for the gym to a high pick on my list! And when warmer weather does come and restrictions Open up more, I’m definitely going to be wearing this adorable yellow button up dress out! It’s so comfy and I love the sleeves!!
I absolutely love my pink two piece lounge suit as well! This is so comfortable and easy to wear! This cute little light brown number also perfect little loungewear and sportswear love love love!
Hope you guys are fabulous cheers to warmer weather and things opening up and coming back to normal! Check out for amazing deals!!
I cannot wait for swimsuit season they have it locked and loaded for swimwear!
Hugs Heidi

Planning For your Shoot

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Anyone knows me knows I am absolutely obsessed with Valentine’s Day LOL

It’s not just today for your significant other, its a day to appreciate everybody that you love in your life! That’s the way I do it anyways! So I teamed up with Fitness gurls for my latest photo shoot a total Valentine’s Day inspired shoot 

So my biggest tip for anybody wanting to create a photo shoot is what is your theme…

What is your plan and what is your theme? I love when girls come to me and ask for help with photo-shoots, my first two questions is  what are your outfit choices and what are you trying to create? 

If you’re wanting a more fitness in the gym style than I definitely wouldn’t suggest bringing a dress to a  gym shoot or any kind of outfit that doesn’t make sense when being in a gym. 

If you’re wanting a more clean editorial look then choosing outfits that aren’t busy in patterns that are more bold and colorful is always a favorite of mine. 

Again whatever the style of photos you want to create take a look at everything in that photo. For example my fitness gurls photo shoot,I went very Valentine’s Day inspired so I picked colors like reds & whites, loose-fitting men’s shirts, roses, teddy bears everything I could think of that ties in with Valentine’s Day.

Now this wouldn’t make sense for me to necessarily wear a yellow bikini in this shoot but it would if I was wearing a red bikini with A pair of cute red heart shape sunglasses. Again tying everything in with your theme. 

You see what I mean ?! Makes sense right? So next time your planning for a shoot think of what you want to go for you can always shoot me an email I would love to help with your photos and posing! 

As always my outfits were by AmiClubwear even my comfy sweat suit that I rocked on the way to the shoot ! 



They have amazing deals and seriously they don’t disappoint! You can use my promo code MrsCannon50 for your deals! oxoxo

New year, new you lets do this!

Happy new year everyone!!!

I cannot believe it’s 2021! Is so exciting! And so unreal that we are in the new year yet again! Hoping everyone is safe and that we can make 2021 an incredible year we sure need it after last year!

Do you have your plans and goals set for the new year? I find it very helpful the start of each year to write down all my goals with timelines for each goal to help stay on track and focus for the year. 

How fast did the Christmas season come and go ?!! I swear it just flew by!! 

Let’s talk the Christmas season it was definitely different than most but I did get to enjoy it we’re going out for dinner with my lovely husband! This super cute dress and overcoat is what I rocked for a lobster and steak dinner ! 

Christmas morning I was more than comfortable in my cute new fo satin  pajamas and my adorable fuzzy boots 

These boots are actually for outerwear but I absolutely love them for inside the house they’re so comfortable and cozy 

New Year’s eve night was a great Night as well even though everything shut down at 10o’clock in Vancouver we still enjoyed our evening with a live dinner show poolside and obviously ringing in the new year together ! I loved my heels New Year’s night they were so comfy and so cute! 

As many of you know or if you follow my blog and me on social media I have some big news launching in a few weeks ! I have online training programs posing programs everything coming so stay tune! 

Here’s the kicking ass in 2021! Especially with my new lace up boots from ACW ♥️👍🏼💯


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