Goals…go get em before 2019

Set your eyes on the prize

No I know everybody this time of year can  puts things aside and says I’ll wait to the new year till I change, make a goal or make some sort of a lifestyle change... why does it have to wait until 2020? why can’t you start now?

Tips for taking on new tasks and setting goals for yourself.

Number one- Write everything down I literally have an old-school notebook that I carry around pretty much with me everywhere I referred to it and note down every day, of what tasks I might have for the next day or goals I want to achieve

Goal Setting -I have a list of big goals and I have a list of daily goals two different things, with two different timelines.

When sending any kind of goal for yourself remember to give yourself a break, if your goal simply is to be active once a day or whatever it may be, I’m a big believer of slow and steady wins the race before going gung ho and saying” I’m gonna do the gym every single day” then you miss a few days and you’re likely to get down on yourself and not follow through.

Set realistic expectations for yourself, if you do more than then its an added bonus! If not then you’re not gonna feel like you’re letting yourself down.

Sometimes I’ll set a goal for myself and realise when I’m just about to get to it, now its not necessarily what I had envisioned for my life, so I’ll change it. Life is ever evolving and so should you.


Don’t let change scare you. It’s easier said than done I know, but if you look at it another way it can be very exciting and you never know where it might take you!

Recently I’ve had a family tragedy where my uncle, who is like another father to me, had a massive heart attack. For years I had told my uncle that he needed to exercise and start living a healthier lifestyle by choosing better foods to fuel his body with.

Unfortunately his lifestyle caught up with him but by the grace of God he has pulled through and does not need open-heart surgery, I am so happy to report he has actually changed his ways and him and my aunt have now gotten on a very healthy eating program ! He phoned me the other day to say that he’s starting the gym, he’s lost 18 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks I couldn’t be more proud of him and my aunt for changing their lifestyle that they had become so accustomed to.

So even though this was somewhat of a forced change its made him stronger , stronger as a couple and its made them see they are capable of change!  I believe sometimes we are put through tests in life that might not be the greatest at first, but they can definitely make us stronger and a little wiser in the end.

So start thinking about your goals and what changes you wanna make now don’t wait for 2020 to hit .....

Go get it! #BoomfreakingBoom

Halloween & Fall Fashion… My fav!!!

Fall is definitely here! Sweaters, layers & knee-high boots… I’m so into it! Definitely love fall fashion its definitely my favourite season of all!


You can’t go wrong with a good knitted sweater, super comfortable and cute to pair with jeans or a skirt. Chunky knit sweater is a must for fall! As well as sweater dresses, and easy look for a night out super cute feel  you can’t go wrong!




Orange is a big colour this year for fall I love this two piece outfit from Amiclubwear pair with some boots are good to go for the season

I live in Canada so we just celebrated our Thanksgiving last weekend, I had a absolute blast with my family. Visiting a pumpkin patch, eating way too much turkey and of course partying the night away! Absolutely love my new jacket another must have is animal print this year and what better print to go with then leopard!! Pair with my new knee-high boots it’s a winning combo !!


Let’s not forget Halloween !! Just missing my Roger rabbit for this year‘s Halloween costume LOL! Jessica rabbit is always a fave, this costume comes complete with everything! If you haven’t checked ACW  for Halloween then go do so right now!


Stay tune soon I’ll be heading back to Vegas to host a huge car show event called Sema with BD diesel company ! So looking forward to it in more outfits to come LOL

As always Happy shopping use my Promo code MrsCannon50 for all your deals on your new fall clothes oxox


ViVa Las Vegas




Well here’s to a little recap of the season! As of right now I don’t have any tentative big fitness photo shoots lined up I’m done competing for the season and it feels great! 2019 has been insane year I feel absolutely incredibly blessed with how this year has been so far and I just wanna push through to the very end to keep that momentum going! 



Just got home from a trip to Las Vegas to the Olympia with team Magnum! Another successful year complete! This year was a bit different however I didn’t have as many photo shoots lined up ready to go as I normally would have in the past due to doing so many earlier in the year and to be honest just wanted to focus on the Magnum shoots and my shoot with Noel Dagnata. As always I’m incredibly decked out in all my Ami clubwear swag! Seriously have no issues whatsoever with this company and absolutely love having brand new bikinis dresses shoes for any photo shoot I may do 

I made a turn some heads at top golf in Las Vegas LOL my leopard print dress went over great I had picked this up earlier and spring seriously so comfortable and so cute! Our Team Dinner red dress I felt fab in! You cant go wrong with red 🙂 

As a tradition we always have a big pool party on Sunday which I did two outfit changes for LOL one of my snakeskin bikini the next my underwire pink bikini both a big hit 



So summer is finally ended my favourite season of all is just beginning! Fall is where I fall in love LOL I absolutely love the season not only for the change of colours and leaves in Canada but for all the cute outfits and layers you get to wear. If you weeks my best friend and I are headed to our annual wine tour in the Okanogan, but we have already pre planned outfits that will be rockin at every winery 🙂

So excited to share with you all! Also we started our own Instagram page which I have attached below so you can follow along with our adventures again all my outfits AmiClub wear 🙂http://www.amiclubwear.com

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Have a great rest of your week and stay tune for my next blog!!

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Re-Cap of WBFF Worlds 2019

WBFF Worlds what a show, and what a week! It’s been a week now since I have been home and I cannot believe I was in the Bahamas! So reflecting back on everything this has definitely been a journey! From All the photoshoots to the white party, doing a video with all the Queens of the WBFF ahh so many cool experiences!
I have done three pro shows in one year LOL that has been a lot, and to top it off starting my Cannon Ball protein ball business as well as my Posing business and hosting gigs I am definitely feeling a little fried
I can’t say I would trade it for anything though it is been one incredible year so far! I am feeling totally blessed with all the opportunities that I’ve got to achieve this year it’s unbelievable and I told dream come true for me. I’ve always believed in hard work ethic and persistence this combination pays off and I promise if you’re feeling discouraged push through it will pay off for you.
Next up is Olympia with Team Magnum which is mid September and after that definitely kick off the off-season building phase for next year. I had a long chat with my coach JJ and we decided that I will be just doing WBFF worlds next year which will give me more focus to really be able to focus on my clients and my businesses. Not only that I am 100% focused on bringing the WBFF back to Vancouver so look up folks it’s going to be happening!
While I was in the Bahamas I definitely got to enjoy the sites and beaches & beautiful country The Bahamas has to offer! I got to actually try Bahamian food which was incredible too tasty LOL their signature drink called sky juice wow that was too good, and we spent the day at the iconic Atlantis Hotel where I got to go down a waterslide filled with sharks too cool!
This is a really cool experience for me as well it was just me and my mom which was a total must needed vacation, I have an actually spent quality time with her in a long time and we definitely reconnected.
I felt like a rock star, decked out in all Amiclubwear outfits, I absolutely have 100% faith in their clothing ! The fits and style – Perfect for the Bahamas 🇧🇸 use my promo code gals MrsCannon50
Seriously Best swimwear and dresses out there! All my looks in every photo is ACW And it wont break your bank account! http://www.amiclubwear.com
Thank you everyone again for supporting me throughout my crazy journey I’ll bring on the fall season so I can start baking salt protein packed treats LOL that being said I actually be the most incredible brownies last night which I’m gonna put on my app right now so definitely head to the baking site of my website and app and get yourself this recipe, it is incredible!
Hugs Heidi Cannon

What the heck was I thinking?

2.5 weeks out to the biggest competition I’ve competed in
The WBFF worlds for everything, the title of all tiles Queen Bee “World Bikini Pro” .
Why the f bomb do I do this to myself sometimes is what I think a lot these days
Taking on a business, launching my Strapt pants , having posing clients, my actual job as a medical esthetician oh & bellydance gigs, photoshoots , and the biggest of all training for WBFF Worlds
Insert your crazy. Seriously though I look at others in my life, my cousin for example ; 4 kids, trainer, wife , business owner and she’s always learning something new . There are other crazy people out there lol guess it runs in the family .
Im not bad on prep if you’ve never done a fitness competition then you might not know what I’m talking about. Definitely the last month is generally hard on people, hormones sleep, focus this is generally pretty tough the last month. My poor husband I’ve put him through now three shows in the last year
I’m not too bad but the last few weeks I have definitely been on edge I’m way more annoyed at everyone which is not like me, I have a short temper
And I forget a lot. Putting your body in extremes which I know I do can do this to you. Why do you do this to yourself maybe you’re asking? It is a mental game on a lot of levels physically and emotionally but to me it is also the greatest feeling of accomplishment to know that I can mentally and physically get through anything.
So being on prep I have to write tasks for myself to do and keep my time management on check so here is what I’m going to share with you guys of what I’ve been doing.
Time management
what I’ve been doing lately – Social media a double edged sword – Amazing in so many great ways, especially for me if it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t be where I am. I mean it’s free advertising and can reach millions it’s unreal BUT.. but it can be a sucker a time sucker and mentally mess with ya
It’s so easily to compare yourself to others and look at other peoples lifestyles and get down on yourself, which is ridiculous but we’re human and that’s what people usually do. So..
I try and limit my social media to increments of 15 minutes at a time. That even sounds like a lot however you can blow through 15 minutes pretty damn quickly if you’re not aware of it. So set a timer on your phone. If you don’t make messages those messages will be there in a few hours when you check it again.
I don’t have Netflix I know I’m probably one of the only people you know that doesn’t have Netflix so I don’t watch much TV at all if I do it’s usually Sportsnet to keep up with what’s going on in the sports world or an old episode of friends or everybody loves Raymond LOL so again limit your time watching TV and YouTube.
I write a task list every day of things I want to get done, if they do not get finished then I simply add it to the next day. I try not to overwhelm my days especially right now too much in one day no good .
Texting- Pretty much how everyone lives now. nobody use the phone anymore LOL however I do find it it’s way easier just to phone a person then it is to have a long drawn out text that really I can’t do anything because you’re stuck on your phone typing it out with your fingers.
Therefor when you can be multitasking while talking on the phone. Shows you my age as I was kid growing up in the 90s we didn’t text we phoned our friends.
Affirmations – write it down say it out loud believe in yourself! Positive affirmations equals positive outcomes.
So the last couple weeks bear with me, if I don’t get back to you please don’t take it personally I will be back to you
When I’m home from World with my giant crown that is my 100 focus right now
Hugs to you all!

Spring ahead

Spring is sprung
What a May/ June has been incredible! I celebrated my birthday, in May out with my best friend! We got all dolled up and went on a wine tour, we alwasy pre plan our outfits lol
I friggin love my clear yellow heels! Super for the season and who doesn’t like yellow for a bright spring colour!
My cute jean onesie fit perfectly! Total retro Jenny from the block style (I member JLo wearing this same outfit circa 99 lol)
I got the most craziest awesome gift from my husband, a brand new dirt bike LOL what gal dosen’t wanna brand new motorcycle
So shopping fro spring/ summer the trends are :
Animal print is big yet again !
Trends come and go (and come and go), but there are some things that never go out of style. They may be more popular one season than another but, on the whole, they are forever pieces that form the cornerstones of our wardrobes.
And this season, amid all the ideas that will have their five minutes of fame, we saw the return of the leopard-print coat. It’s a piece your mother and grandmother probably wore before you, and yet it still feels relevant. If you buy one now, I bet you’ll be wearing it for years to come (and maybe your child will nick it from you, too).
Mine was tigger lol
Big Billowy ants are a must this spring and why not pair them with a leopard print?
Adorable and comfortable!
Snakes you say? My hubby hates snakes but loves this little dress on me lol
The boots you can’t go wrong with a knee high I’ve never had an  issue with sizing on my boots from Ami ! Seriously gals go wild !!
I have a lot of photoshoots booked this summer and one big world competition so ill be most definitely hitting up http://amiclubwear.com
Until next time oxoxoxox