New year, new you lets do this!

Happy new year everyone!!!

I cannot believe it’s 2021! Is so exciting! And so unreal that we are in the new year yet again! Hoping everyone is safe and that we can make 2021 an incredible year we sure need it after last year!

Do you have your plans and goals set for the new year? I find it very helpful the start of each year to write down all my goals with timelines for each goal to help stay on track and focus for the year. 

How fast did the Christmas season come and go ?!! I swear it just flew by!! 

Let’s talk the Christmas season it was definitely different than most but I did get to enjoy it we’re going out for dinner with my lovely husband! This super cute dress and overcoat is what I rocked for a lobster and steak dinner ! 

Christmas morning I was more than comfortable in my cute new fo satin  pajamas and my adorable fuzzy boots 

These boots are actually for outerwear but I absolutely love them for inside the house they’re so comfortable and cozy 

New Year’s eve night was a great Night as well even though everything shut down at 10o’clock in Vancouver we still enjoyed our evening with a live dinner show poolside and obviously ringing in the new year together ! I loved my heels New Year’s night they were so comfy and so cute! 

As many of you know or if you follow my blog and me on social media I have some big news launching in a few weeks ! I have online training programs posing programs everything coming so stay tune! 

Here’s the kicking ass in 2021! Especially with my new lace up boots from ACW ♥️👍🏼💯


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What’s been up in fall

Falling into fall

Well This is absolutely my favorite time of year! When the leaves start to change the air gets crisp any yet to wear super cute clothes everywhere

My bestie and I always start off our fall with an annual wine tour In the Okanogan it is definitely our favorite little getaway for fall.

We pre-plan our outfits where we’re going to eat where we’re going to go and just have the best time ever! I feel like every girl needs some good girl time

As always Amiclubwear got me perfectly dressed for the occasion! From my cute new heels in this pink and black outfit to my super comfy off the shoulder gray dress love all our outfits !

Just after I got back I did a photo shoot for my product cannonballs at this cool local 50″s diner. My Cannonballs launched in Save on foods for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!!
I’m pretty excited for the opportunity to have them in save on foods it’s a real honour . My Cannonballs are Now listed in any save on foods across the country, any Save one that wants to carry them, can!
Which is so unreal for me!
So hopefully people start asking for them in their save on foods grocery stores
Also just last week I filmed a commercial for BD diesel company I work with regularly here in Vancouver I absolutely love them and I love anything that takes me from 0 to 100 and all their motorsports definitely do LOL

I used my new costumes from Amiclub wear my “Heidi yodeller costume “ LOL and my Jessica rabbit which was a huge hit ! Again if you’re looking for costumes hit up the site!

As for everything else just taking it one day at a time here with the fall and winter coming obviously with Covid going on it’s definitely put a little wrench into things. Our numbers here in Canada are creeping up again and large parties/groups are shutting down again too. Hoping we can get a handle on everything soon and we can look forward to a bright 2021 I know like many I need things to look forward to to keep me healthy and motivated.

My motivation is finishing my personal training and launching my online program with my online sales of a Cannonballs.

So cheers everyone stay positive stay healthy and remember we’re all in this together!

First night out since Covid

Day 73 in quarantine… Well things have finally starting to lighten up here as of last week. Some restaurants have opened here in Vancouver with limited seating as well as some gyms are opening up and life seems to be slowly but surely getting back to normal.

This sparked a huge interest in my going out for dinner attire LOL

My Bestie and I got to enjoy a night out last Sunday! First time out since March 7! Man did it feel amazing!!!

I wore my two piece white suit with my new rhinestone studded heels pointed toe which are very in style for summer !

We got to share nachos, I ordered a veggie burger and fries, a bottle of wine and enjoy some people watching lol PERFECTO

It’s amazing the small things in life that make you happy when you really took for granted them before.
I’m not officially back to work as a medical aesthetician as of yet, however I have been going in and helping out with customer deliveries for their skin care products. This gives me the opportunity in which I dress up each day I get to go in for.
I absolutely love my brand new leopard print one piece! Fits beautifully and is so light and comfortable and easy to wear. Bonus Leopard print you can never go wrong with!
As I mentioned in my last blog definitely the 70s are making come back and stripes are in! Don’t overdo it though pick top or bottom but not both in my opinion.
I’ve had the bonus of still being able to train some clients for virtual WBFF fitness shows which has been so nice to keep! Helping motivate others always helps me keep on track myself. I’m back training with my coach Jean Jacques in which I will achieve my ultimate summer body for stage or just summer time depending on how Covid goes.
I also picked up this really cute lightweight olive green dress for spring. A good stable for nights on the patio!
So here’s to many more hopeful nights of enjoying times with friends and dressing up 🙂
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