Birthday Swag

What can I say I absolutely love clothes!

And now that spring is upon us I can’t get enough of heels right now especially with cute outfits like shorts and dresses a cute pair of heels can definitely dress up any outfit

I love my new gladiator heels probably one of my most favorite pics this month! Gladiator sandals are always in style for spring and summer you really can’t go wrong with a pair or four LOL

It was my birthday this past Wednesday and my husband and I were up in Kelowna enjoying the sunshine! He took me to dinner for my birthday and I decided to wear my special one piece that I have been saving for this occasion. Not gonna lie I definitely got a lot of looks  and a few girls from across the room yelling at me that they’ve never seen such a hot onesie, I felt flattered to say the least lol  actually love a good onesie because it can be totally sexy yet not show any skin I highly recommend one or two for the season!

This cute burgundy dress I really thought would be hot for a good night out in Vegas no I haven’t got there yet LOL however I definitely will be supporting this when I go!

I bought my black onesie last year from Ami club wear  and I’ve worn it a few different locations I thought it would look super cute with my new suede tie up heels  which are super comfortable to wear actually and really great color that goes with almost anything!

And of course my mosaic print swimsuit I friggin love this swimsuit is actually really comfortable and totally unique! Again I have ordered so many swimsuits over the years from Ami Clubwear I can’t even tell you LOL definitely  going to order a ton more on my next order 🙂


I really love this site because you can get so many go to cute up-to-date outfits for an inexpensive price! So if you’re like me and like to wear outfits only maybe once or twice this is your go to place for sure !!!

Happy spring shopping!


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