Annual Best friends Weekend

What a weekend…I look forward to this weekend the entire year! The weekend a year where I dont count my macros, worry about anything, enjoy every moment I can and share all the beauty of wine country (Okanagan BC) with my best friend.


We pre plan are outfits, plan what winery’s we will hit up and of course plan what yummy meals were going to devour lol!!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Okanagan and you enjoy wine you HAVE TO GO!! Its rated number 1 in the world for wine 2 years in a row , I know this because I actually listened to the wine tour driver this time lol


We also joined up with another best friend duo, Ellena and Ann who love all the same things as Chelsea and I 🙂

From laughing our a$$ ‘s off to getting tattoos … yes I got a tiny piece of pizza on my foot it was a total blast! I feel being a fitness model you should showcase  all acts of your life. I am real I do enjoy pizza, wine and not working out sometimes, this is called NORMAL.

Its healthy to let go and not count all the calories and not worry about staying on program. I feel a “free weekend” once and a while recharges my mind set. Im not saying do this all the time but I do feel its good to have your “free” meal or drink once a week, enjoy it and not feel guilty or down on yourself. Stop and smell the roses once and a while.


Here’s a little snip of our adventures & Fashion !! You Cant go wrong with fall fashion! Check out and use my code for all your fall fashion needs , seriously girls the shoes..UNREAL good on the site -Promo MRSCANNON50

Back to life,Baking, training, Selling my Balls lol YEEP check back soon about my Cannon Balls protein ball dry mix where to get them(everywhere is my plan) and cool recipe ideas


Hugs Heidi