About My Baking

Although both my grandmothers were excellent cooks and bakers (and my mother is too), growing up I never took much interest in learning the “basics” – I just enjoyed eating the “end results”. It wasn’t until my teen years that I began to take an interest in being in the kitchen, and that was sparked by my favourite grandmother. We would spend quality time together as she shared her love of cooking/baking with me and all those special secret techniques she used.

My interest in cooking changed dramatically in my early 20’s when I met my future husband. I can remember it so clearly…we were at a mutual friend’s house party and it was getting quite late. He was hungry, so I offered to make some scrambled eggs (something basic I could do at least…l0l). He ate the scrambled eggs and was appreciative, saying to me…”I really like a girl who can cook”. How could I tell him that I really didn’t have an interest in either cooking or baking but I now had an “in”with him – that’s what counted. The next time we got together I offered to cook chicken cordon bleu – why I picked this I’ll never know but he was so appreciative and complimentary that my confidence soared and he inspired and motivated me to continue trying other new dishes and recipes – I was hooked watching every cooking and baking show on the Food Network, which is still my “go to” for cooking and baking inspired recipes.

Mrs. Cannon’s Baking app was created and launched after I started competing in fitness competitions. During training, I found that before long I would become bored with eating the same meals, so I decided to try and make them more appealing and tasty. Using Quattro protein powder in my baking, I was amazed how versatile the product was, and more importantly, everything tasted delicious. The recipes were posted online and I received such a huge, positive response from people, that I decided to put them on an app, available to everyone.

My main inspiration for cooking and baking has and will always be for the one I love. Here’s hoping you find your own inspiration in life that will motivate and change your life for the better.