About Me

From a very young age I was active in some form of sport whether it was in school or competitive gymnastics. In my early teen years I was involved in martial arts and got my Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. During this time I also started taking an an interest in learning to ride dirt bikes/motorcycles as well as taking belly dance lessons – both activities which I still enjoy to this day.

My first experience of working out in a gym was in Grade 12 along with my guy friends, and I can honestly say it wasn’t much more than using the treadmill – no weights! I remember picking up a fitness magazine at the gym and thinking to myself that some day I wanted to look like the girl on the cover.

In 2010 I decided to get into the best shape possible for my wedding day, and asked a friend, who was a personal fitness trainer, to help me achieve that goal. Training consisted of five days a week and at the end of the final session, I couldn’t believe the results. Never had I felt so strong and fit – I was hooked and looking forward to my first fitness competition!

In 2011, a few months after our wedding, I entered my first fitness competition with the BC ABBA and placed second in the fitness routine. I totally enjoyed the experience so much that two weeks later I entered the WBFF Fitness Model competition and placed third. Three weeks after that I competed in the BC provincials and placed 5th. From that point on I trained for the rest of the year and in 2012, I won the WBFF Fitness Model competition and received my pro card.

Because of how physically and emotionally demanding it is to compete in a fitness competition, and the fact that I had put my husband through four competitions in the first year of marriage (lol), I took 2013 off.

In 2014 I competed in the WBFF World Competition, with a third call-out, and again in 2015 where I received a second call-out.

2016 & 2017 I took both years off competing to focus on my Brand and photoshoots which brought me to two international magazine covers a total dream come true! I then added 4 more since then!1

2018 I places 5th at worlds in the bikini +35 category which I was so thrilled about !

I absolutely love stage and missed it so incredibly much!