Clothes Clothes and more CLOTHES!

Hey gals still have I got a hook up for you! Now if any of you guys follow me on any of my social media platforms you know how much I love shoes and clothes
and if you seen my closet is stuffed full of heels from floor to ceiling.
I think I can safely to say and a fitness model you definitely need a large selection of bathing suits, heels and cute fashion outfits on hand anytime!
For the last four years I have ordered from Ami Clubwear from bathing suits too onesies to outfits to wear in Vegas they have been my go to site !
I can proudly say I am now officially sponsored by them, I’m truly excited about this opportunity to show case and rock the brand I love!
What’s even cooler is that you guys get a special discount code MrsCannon50 that can be used anytime on the site, if there’s not a sale on then I have 50% off coupon for you!
Now ending our winter season, I  absolutely must say that one of my favourite things to wear has been sweater dresses, dress up or dress down you can’t go wrong with a sweater dress! Bonus all winter outfits are on sale on the site right now too!
With Spring  just around the  corner, super floral dresses/maxi dresses are a must! This super cute maxi dress I’m wearing is comfy and a great staple for any gals closet .


 Another easy spring outfit is this fitted black and white off the shoulder dress.
Classy and easy to wear. Plus it has the bonus of  stretch so you don’t feel confined wearing it.The great thing about ACW is the sizing charts are on point! I’ve never had a problem, as long as you read the sizing guide and what material the outfits are made from you’ll never have an issue with sizing! Same goes for the shoes!
One of the big trends for spring this year is pinks and I love pink so these cute fur fo heels are perfect for the season.
 And how adorable are these!? To add to my ever-growing shoe collection LOL I really can’t wait to wear the pink ones out for my besties birthday! Clear heels are super on trend and easy to pair with any outfit. Cork floral shoes are a definite summer shoe! You can dress up any outfit with these baby’s!
Check back for next times blog on what’s going on in my world 🙂 For now
Go give them a look through I promise you’ll find something you’ll love!!!