What?? Dream come true

Thank you everyone that has believed in me and what I’m trying to strive for. I want to spread the love for cooking and baking clean.  I had mentioned this story before in past pod casts, I never knew how to cook or bake growing up. I had watched my grandma and mom but never took an interest in it. Not until I met my husband who in his words “loved a girl that can cook” so what did I do learn.. how to cook quick and who would have thought I would be half decent at it lol! 12 years later and being persistence and believing in me I think im doing ok lol

The moment I opened my email to the title  “Surprise! Your our December cover “I was over the moon ! I had wanted and dreamt of this for so long I cant tell you in with how pumped I still am 🙂

I keep getting pictures from my closest Aussie friends with  them holding Woman’s Health and fitness magazine its a total dream come true. Noel Dagnata & I geared this shoot for the hopes of this cover and boom did it! One of the coolest things Noel pointed out was that this cover has no edits, which a lot of my images have been touched up to remove my “beauty mark”s or in reality freckles lol Which is awesome to me because this is me freckles and all 🙂

I hope this doesn’t sound  like I’m totally full of myself, this is not what I’m trying to come across like I just want to express that hard work and persistency does pay off. No matter your goal keep your head down and don’t worrie about what others get or do just keep your focus and push on.

So moral of the story keep your head down focus on your goals and believe in you 🙂 I have big goals for 2017 which im gonna pursue my little butt off for it !


Big hugs  to you all!  Bake Clean and train mean!



xoxoxoxox Heidi