Apple muffins and egg plant dreams


My good girl friend tiff texted me the other day asking if I could make some high protein muffin recipe for her daughter Sophie. Sophie is 3 and a half little blonde haired cutie pie who has a massive love for muffins lol

Because I love this kid so much I made her a batch of muffins. I wanted I make them super easy and quick so busy mom tiff could whip them up in no time J So here is Sophie’s muffin recipe

1 scoop Quattro vanilla protein

1 cup oatmeal

3 large apples of choice (I dig Macintosh)

½ cup shredded coconut

1 banana

1 tsp. baking soda

4 tbsp. vanilla stevia

Bake 350 for 20-25 mins    Makes 8 muffins



Egg Plant Tarts

Egg plant… it sounds gross doesn’t it lol but man when its cooked right its pretty tasty and high in vitamin k and c as well as iron. Egg plant is actually a fruit ha I didn’t know that ! and bonus is got no fat and super low in calories


So this tasty little appie is high in the flavor town category and super quick to make. I suppose you could actually just make a dinner out of It too!

Here is what you need

One egg plant

One chicken Brest

6 tbsp. Garlic lovers oh my spice

1 cup Cherry tomatoes

Half a Red onion diced

5 mushrooms

2 tbsp. olive oil

4 tbsp. graded cheddar cheese


In a small fry pan take 2 tbsp. olive oil and Sautee up diced mushrooms , cherry tomatoes and onions .


Take chicken breast   and sprinkle on oh my spice both sides of chicken and place In the oven for 15 -20 mins

Slice egg plant vertically into small round pieces. Brush olive oil on both sides of egg plant and bake in oven with your chicken for roughly the same time or until golden brown. Egg plant can also be done on a griddle if you have one or on the bbq

How to build your egg witch – take graded cheese and sprinkle on the bottom , take one sliced chicken slice and add it on top then add cherry tomatoes and onions. Pop in your mouth they go down easy lol

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and is freaking excited for the Christmas season to begin hhaahh I know I am! Check out November issue of natural muscle mag I even have a new Christmas cookie recipe all ready for ya!






Sophie and her muffin 🙂