Hello Summer

Hello summer! 

What a summer it’s been so far! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and the sunshine! Aside from having an insane heat wave here in Vancouver BC it’s been an amazing June and July so far! I was able to head out with my cousin on a little getaway to the interior where we got to wakeboard and I tried my best at wake surfing LOL

Also got to shoot for an eyewear sunglass company on a yacht downtown Vancouver in my beautiful yellow dress from Ami clubwear!

This was so fun!

My cousin and I have launched our Fit In 6 online transformation program and it’s been super successful! We have our latest program coming out August 23 Heidi‘s hitt which is a high intensity training program I can’t wait!! 

And to top everything off I’ve been prepping like a mad woman for a WBFF Worlds which is in Las Vegas going for that world crown! God willing that Will be able to travel and everything will be fine it is a concern that is for sure but I’ve been prepping and working out like crazy!!

So that’s really what’s up this summer nothing too crazy working out lots and enjoying the sun I’m ordering up some more bathing suits as we speak right now from Ami club wear ! I flipping love their stuff especially the bathing suits !!

Plan on sticking beside a pool , heading out for dinner with friends (grilled veggies and chicken) lol In my new dresses from ACW I absolutely love this blue fitted dress so comfortable!

I’ll have you all updated next month once my show hits hope you guys have a great rest of your July!!!  Hugs Heidi 

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