2020 Where you at?!!!

I still cannot believe that we are a month into 2020 where does time go?

My husband and I are back from our 5 1/2 week holiday to California and definitely it was the best trip we’ve ever had together! I don’t think we’ve laughed that hard in so long and just had a fun time being together and riding our motorcycles

We try and do this every year as we’re both so busy during the year and don’t get a lot of quality time together so when we actually do spend the time,I definitely cherish it.

As always http://www.amiclubwear.comhad me decked out to the nines! I recently just got back from Los Angeles a quick five day trip with Magnum to the LA fitness Expo

It was awesome getting to see the latest and greatest in fitness for 2020 I cannot believe how much the vegan train is very apparent! Everywhere I looked there was vegan protein, protein blend food,burgers donuts you name it

I am definitely not opposed to vegan whatsoever I am actually incorporating more and more meat free meals. I don’t actually eat beef at all,rarely pork and will not touch the lamb to save my life.

I mainly cook us chicken and fish As our protein sources. But who knows that could change too lol

2020 means change for me I am finally finishing my personal training as I’m going to gear Up to be doing more online with my Posing and incorporating my personal training. It’s been years in the making and I’m finally decided that is one of my biggest goals this year. Not only will I have the Posing and Fitness I will also have the Skin side of it as I want to create my own Skin Health 180 transformations.

Not only that, I’ve got some huge opportunities coming up with my Cannonballs! an endeavour I did not think it would take off as it has been I’m sold out of products as it stands right now and I’m in the making of re-branding and sourcing out different options

If you follow me you’ll see you soon what companies are wanting to take it as well as I’ll be building more of the brand online

So 2020 will definitely is ramping up quick

I hope your 2020 is started off with a bang as well! Thank you everyone that follows my journey I truly do appreciate it! Big hugs chat soon Heidi