ViVa Las Vegas




Well here’s to a little recap of the season! As of right now I don’t have any tentative big fitness photo shoots lined up I’m done competing for the season and it feels great! 2019 has been insane year I feel absolutely incredibly blessed with how this year has been so far and I just wanna push through to the very end to keep that momentum going! 



Just got home from a trip to Las Vegas to the Olympia with team Magnum! Another successful year complete! This year was a bit different however I didn’t have as many photo shoots lined up ready to go as I normally would have in the past due to doing so many earlier in the year and to be honest just wanted to focus on the Magnum shoots and my shoot with Noel Dagnata. As always I’m incredibly decked out in all my Ami clubwear swag! Seriously have no issues whatsoever with this company and absolutely love having brand new bikinis dresses shoes for any photo shoot I may do 

I made a turn some heads at top golf in Las Vegas LOL my leopard print dress went over great I had picked this up earlier and spring seriously so comfortable and so cute! Our Team Dinner red dress I felt fab in! You cant go wrong with red 🙂 

As a tradition we always have a big pool party on Sunday which I did two outfit changes for LOL one of my snakeskin bikini the next my underwire pink bikini both a big hit 



So summer is finally ended my favourite season of all is just beginning! Fall is where I fall in love LOL I absolutely love the season not only for the change of colours and leaves in Canada but for all the cute outfits and layers you get to wear. If you weeks my best friend and I are headed to our annual wine tour in the Okanogan, but we have already pre planned outfits that will be rockin at every winery 🙂

So excited to share with you all! Also we started our own Instagram page which I have attached below so you can follow along with our adventures again all my outfits AmiClub wear 🙂

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Have a great rest of your week and stay tune for my next blog!!

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