Summer Go to guilt free snacks

Who doesn’t get snacky at times ? Lol especially in summer! I find mid day to be the worst for me I crave salty things for sure!! As much a I enjoy baking and sweet  things I love a good salty snack! If you follow me you’ll know that im prepping for Olympia and photo shoots. Im sticking to my allotted macros per day but I have also come up with a way to incorporate some snacks that I down right LOVE!!


My go to salty treat – Special K crackers Original (you can buy them at most Walmart or grocery stores ) OMG they are sooo good there so crunchy and salty AHHh I love them ! Best part they are 80 Cals per 19 chips ! Ruffly works out to be one cup 🙂 I love to dip them in salsa ! Which there are so many low cal salsa on the market Old El Paso is 30 cals for 6 tbsp.

Throw out the RANCH dressing this is the worst! Swap it for this Mrs. Cannon’s veggie dip

  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt Plain
  • 4 tbsp. Oh My Spice garlic lovers spice
  • 4 Tbsp. OH My spice Lemon & pepper spice

Great for dipping cucumbers carrots and any veg 🙂 The beauty of OH My Spice is there are no preservatives or sodium

This entire dip has-200 cals / 34 G of protein / 14 g carbs /0 fat


Finally since I wont be enjoying a glass of wine until Sep 24 when my best friend and I head to the Okangan for our yearly wine bestie weekend , im drinking good old non alcoholic drinks lol

My Summer go to that still feels like your drinking something knotty but your actually getting in your BCAA’s lol Magnum High 5 Strawberry flavor ,Club soda on ice 🙂 OOOO so good !


Hope everyone is enjoying summer ! Stay on track and have fun ! Hugs Heidi

Ice creams here!!

Hello Summer! Its finally here ! Wow what a summer we have had so far! Now I don’t know about you but Ice cream is defiantly a treat that comes to mind in summer time!

I can remember hearing the Ice cream truck  coming from miles away and racing my bike to it 🙂 As and adult this hasn’t changed HAHAHH

Now I’ve come up with a healthier version of an all time fav! And you don’t need an ice cream maker to do it! so easy!

Here is my super simple recipe for a guilty free Ice cream treat !

Crunchy Salted Caramel Ice cream ” servings=”4″ time=”2 hours ”

  • 1 Bananas
  • 2 Cups ice
  • 2 Scoops Salted Caramel Quattro protein powder
  • 1/2  Cup Greek Yogurt plain
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut  milk
  • 2 Fit Crunch bars
  1. Blend all ingredients (except fit crunch bar) In blender on high . Pour into Tupperware and place in freezer for 2 hours
  2. Chop up fit crunch bar into small pieces
  3. Scoop out ice cream mixture and decorate with Fit Crunch bar and chocolate sauce optional 🙂

All nutritional info is based on one serving. Recipe serves 4

Recipe makes 4 servings

Each serving contains   Cals- 211   Carbs -18.6    fats – 5.1  Protein -25.5 !!!

Eat that Dairy Queen lol!

How the heck do you have time for that?

Summer of 17 … Isn’t it crazy that its 2017 summer ?? Or is it just me !? Like I remember summer of 2000 little alone 17 lol Wow im sounding  old .hahha

So plans for 2017 summer … Shoot , shoot and more photo-shoots. Throw in training for  two grand fondo cycling races, 140 km which is 86 miles to ride,a belly dance competition end of September, Olympia Yes with team Magnum and a girls bestie get away weekend. Yes its going to be a busy one! That’s ok better than sitting on my butt 🙂

Now I get asked a lot how do I have the time or the energy to do this ? What are my secrets … Well ill tell you… Planning each day and week in advance. Yup sorry I don’t have some magical thing I do differently, its really just setting goals and time lines for oneself.


The big thing is not to overdue them either. I have a day planner I carry with me, I know that’s old school but hey it works for me! I start out each day with the tasks I want to achieve and go from there. If I don’t get something done that day I simply move it to he next or find a better day to do so. On the flip side If I get everything done then I don’t ADD more to the day this will only make me stressed out and the likeliness it wont be done properly .

I like to roughly get at least 4-6 different tasks done per day. So give you and example today I had to perform (bellydance) for an old folks home, clean the house, post my latest recipe (calculate breakdown, make how to do make the recipe & photos )this all takes time, train back and abs , write this blog and get a hour cycle in…oh and answer emails, submit to mags the list goes on and on if I let it ….

So I woke up at 7:30 grabbed my java checked emails and submitted. Headed to the gym busted out an 45 min session, came home got ready and headed to perform, back home to write and upload recipes then after this im going to cycle and vacuum the house when im done… but that task might be put to tomorrow cause that’s the least fun lol

Not the most exciting day but I managed to set out what I needed to accomplish. Now one big thing that can say that  will distract you from getting things done… social media. I love it and im thankful for it but if you don’t watch it , this is a big time sucker. I know your reading a blog online right now which is mine, so thank you but after your done just take a look at your day and see how much of it is wasted on dumb things.  When I realized how many better things I could be doing than on my phone, I got heeps more done. Even SM I set a timer for sometimes I give my self a certain amount of time on it then I put my phone or laptop away and out of site. Distractions are the worst for getting off track, so stick to a daily, plan don’t overwhelm and go hustle!

Oh one more tip just like the “daily tasks” go download the app “Lose it ” I love this app because I can track my food and workouts to help me keep my focus with what’s going in my body and how many cals im burning up 🙂

Hugs my friends xoxo


Grocery Shopping-Mrs. Cannon Style

Grocery shopping Mrs Cannon Style

Ahh the grocery store a wonderful magical place if you ask me hahahaha well kinda! Me I like to have a plan or a list so I can get in quick and get out of there even quicker! Here are a few tips I like to live by!


Do not go hungry

Here is the signal most important tips to know when heading to the store … Do not,I repeat do not go there on a hungry tummy or you most likely will end up buying things you should not have in your house or in your tummy lol! I can remember as a kid my dad and I going to the store and him dragging me through the bulk candy isle to sneak a few… I find myself doing this still If Im super hungry lol

Shopping on a weekend


One thing I try most of is never to do a full shop on a weekend. Its too crazy most of the time , people are nuts haha If I do have to go its usually to pick up a few things. I mainly shop on a Monday or a late evening after a gym session, no lines no fuss.


Never with out a list!

Lists lists lists I can’t stress this enough I always have a list of what to get and if I end up forgetting then I always end up buying something twice or not at all lol. Its simple and stupid but it works.



Bulk it up


Believe it or not if you’re looking to save a few extra bucks then use the bulk section. I love buying rice, various nuts, and dried fruits and even coconut flours, quinoa all in the bulk section.

No Names

No Names, now tis you have to be careful with most of the time I find no name items to be just as good however some are just plain terrible and its not worth it trying to save a buck or two. I actually find Walmarts no name brands to be pretty decent, a lot of my baking essentials such as baking powders/sodas chocolate chips are the wally brand. So don’t always be afraid of no name.




Here is a typical list for the week, keep in mind that this is for a house of two and a fur kid lol!

Oh and two things I can’t live without in my kitchen!!

My Piggy timer and my cupcake tester lo! Both life savers get them if you haven’t already!